Tier 1 Edit

Grixis Death's Shadow Edit


Grixis Death’s Shadow, as a deck, is quite similar to Jund Death’s Shadow(herein known as DSJ) in playstyle, and Grixis Delver in card composition. This deck was built to be played as a midrange deck (Jund style) while having an edge in the mirror. This deck, similarly to DSJ, has a fast clock that can go under some of traditional Grixis’ (Delver or Burkhart-style control) more difficult matchups, such as Tron, and is packed with many disruption spells to interact with some nasty strategies such as Ad Nauseam.

Being in Grixis colors grants access to Snapcaster Mage to outgrind the other Midrange and Control strategies while having some “immunity” to the “best removal” in the format Fatal Push. This deck plays with Delve threats fueled by Thought Scour instead of Tarmogoyf powered by some suboptimal spells like Tarfire and Mishra’s Bauble, which blanks their Abrupt Decay and Fatal Push. In a field that is ruled by Fatal Push, Delve threats invalidate removal whilst providing an efficient clock to close games quickly. 

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